Best Automotive Software Solutions

Why Do You Need Custom Automotive Software Solutions?

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Whether high performance, connectivity, eco-friendliness, social media, or data analytics, today’s Automotive Industry has gone way beyond creating vehicles. The companies are pushing their limits to give a seamless, automated, and personalized experience cost-effectively.

All vehicle manufacturers need to keep pace with technological advancements. The only way to do this is to uplift your production and management processes for better scalability and reliability.

That’s where custom automotive enterprise solutions come in. They help you improve your capabilities in workforce management, IoT, embedded solutions, supply chain, and almost every aspect you can think of.

Custom Automotive Software can go a long way in enhancing customer experience by delivering innovative solutions in real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, in-vehicle infotainment systems, security, and safety. These solutions have been transformative in public transport, commercial vehicles, and private car segments.

We at efour have been helping various automotive companies stay toe-to-toe with cutting-edge technologies. Ensuring safety while delivering top-notch design and user experience has always been our prime focus. With efour, you get end-to-end automotive industry solutions that includes hardware, software design services, RF connectivity, and manufacturing services.

Our Premium Automotive Technology Solutions

The efour stack of smart automotive solutions is as extensive as it gets. From automotive inventory software to customized ERP software, we’re here to solve all your problems

Automotive Inventory Software

efour’s Automotive inventory software helps you effortlessly manage your plant’s material, equipment, and products.

Smart Helmet Solution

It’s imperative to ensure the productivity and safety of your team, and our smart helmet solution lets you do that in the best possible way.

Automotive ERP Software

Why have different software to manage different resources? Our automotive ERP software allows you to view, plan and manage all your enterprise resources using a single dashboard. Coupled with a mobile app, you can easily connect and track resource location and productivity.

End-to-End Automotive Enterprise Solutions

Our across-the-board capabilities allow you to integrate and manage your entire product lifecycle, starting from purchasing raw materials to delivering the vehicle.

Automotive Enterprise Solutions
  • Automotive Management Consulting
  • Automotive Staffing Solutions
  • IoT & Cloud-Enabled Operations
  • Automotive Supply Chain Management
  • Employee Training Software
  • Automotive Workshop Management System
  • Automotive Fleet Management Solution
  • Billing & Revenue Management
  • Automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS)
  • Vehicle Sales Management Solutions

Why efour for Automotive Industry Solutions?

Day after day, new technologies are emerging in the automotive industry. efour provides end-to-end automotive solutions to evolve processes within your company to take your products at another level.

Across the Board Expertise

In-House Engineering team has years of experience in the latest technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, and AI/Ml.

Expert Team

When you hire efour, you get an expert team of Engineers and Developers who have helped hundreds of industries with their automation needs.

One-Stop Solution

We offer affordable automotive solutions that transform your entire product lifecycle, starting from the design phase to mass production.

Tailor-Made IoT Solutions

We offer custom IoT-based automation solutions that fit your business environment and goals.

Increased Efficiency

Increase your engineering productivity by enabling the latest technologies in the Automotive industry.

Hire Automotive App Developers and Software Engineers

We are a leader in custom automotive software solutions and have a team of experienced automotive app developers and automotive software engineers with years of experience working in the Automotive industry. As a leader in navigation solutions for automotive markets, we continue to expand our efforts by focusing on new challenges like high accuracy positioning and security required by modern automotive applications.


The latest technologies in the automotive industry include autonomous vehicles (AV), electrification, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), big data, additive manufacturing, etc. The new-gen vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies such as multi-RF connectivity support, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle to vehicle or network communication, real-time tracking, sensors/camera integration, smart parking systems, driver assistance systems, etc.
AI is expected to disrupt the automotive industry with the following functions:
  • Improved quality control and defect detection in production
  • Increased production efficiency
  • AI-powered GPUs for Computer Hardware
  • Telematics Data
  • Driving and User Conduct Monitoring
  • Car Insurance Auto Repair
  • Self-driving Vehicles and AI Driving Assistants
  • Connected vehicles
  • Travel as a service
A car is said to be ‘connected’ if it has devices that connect to other devices within the car and/or devices, networks, and services outside the car. It is able to use the internet to connect and share data with devices inside and outside the car. Thanks to the constant internet connectivity, these vehicles allow users to perform a variety of functions and download data.
As per Morgan Stanley (MS), self-driving cars could save the economy $488 billion in annual savings from reducing traffic accidents and another $158 billion in savings due to reduced fuel costs.