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What We Do

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Our device connectivity services will help you improve your machine functionality and operation. We hold specialization in medical device connectivity solutions.

We help ensure that the health care technologies like smart beds, mobile medical devices, electronic medical record devices, and continuous monitoring devices work seamlessly together.

efour provides medical device connectivity systems that help improve patient safety by communicating actionable patient insights at the point of care.

We at efour provide connectivity solutions for electronic systems and IoT. Our expert IoT engineers provide smart device connectivity solutions for smart devices in a wide variety of applications.

Our premium connectivity solutions will help you leverage the true power of connected IoT devices. At efour, we provide a device connection solution for every vertical in the internet of things arena.

Our Device Connectivity Solutions

The following are the various types of IoT connectivity solutions that you can get at efour.

IoT Wearable Connectivity Solutions

We provide connectivity solutions for various kinds of IoT wearable devices. Whether you want device connectivity solutions for heart rate monitors, virtual glasses, fitness bands, blood pressure monitors, or any other kind of IoT wearable, we at efour have the device connection solution for you.

IoT Transportation Connectivity Solutions

IoT sensors in transport vehicles help you establish effective interconnectivity between drivers, admins, and vehicles. Our IoT connectivity solutions also provide good interconnectivity between vehicles, allowing them to relay information seamlessly.

Our expert IoT engineers will connect IoT devices efficiently to your transportation system. Both the driver and the admin will know vital details regarding the transport vehicle. The connected IoT devices will warn you in case of an accident and even alert you to do preventive maintenance of the vehicle.

IoT Healthcare Connectivity Solutions

Our wireless connectivity solutions will help you monitor the health of your patients. At efour, we have expertise in delivering device connection solutions for medical devices.

The individual connectivity solutions provided by efour will monitor the patient’s condition in real-time. Our cloud connectivity solutions can send automatic alerts regarding the patient’s vitals to the doctor, even from long distances.

IoT Energy Connectivity Solutions

We provide IoT connectivity wireless solutions for energy monitoring. Our solutions help you monitor the data relayed by smart energy meters. Through our enterprise connectivity solutions, you can monitor and control your electrical network in a better way.

Our connectivity solutions for businesses will help you establish bi-directional communication between various devices. Our energy connectivity solutions will help detect electrical faults. This way, our device connectivity solution can help prevent a mishap.

Industry Solutions/Experties

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At efour, we provide business connectivity solutions for various industries. We have listed the most prominent industries that we serve below.

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Security Surveillance
  • Home Automation
Industry Device Connectivity Solution

Why Choose efour for Device Connectivity Solution?

There are multiple reasons why you should choose efour as your preferred device connectivity solution partner. We have listed the most prominent reasons below.

Expert IoT Engineers

We have a team of expert IoT engineers who have expertise in delivering global connectivity solutions for a wide array of industries. The expert IoT engineers at efour have proven expertise in delivering IoT connectivity solutions of varying complexities. efour can partner with your business and help it scale in terms of IoT connectivity.

Robust Support

Being an expert enterprise connectivity solutions provider, we understand the difficulties faced in achieving accurate device connectivity. That’s why we provide robust support for all the device connectivity solutions delivered by us. We will ensure that your connected devices are always up and running.


With efour, you get what you pay for; we do not try to sell you anything you do not require. We understand that the success of our business depends on your success. That’s why we cut costs aggressively and provide you with the most cost-effective connectivity solutions for businesses.

Versatile Connectivity

Our expert team of IoT connectivity specialists can develop IoT device connectivity solutions that connect with any device, machine, or sensor. Our talented IoT engineers will provide you with a versatile IoT network with a wide spectrum of connectivity options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The North American market is by far the largest medical device connectivity market. It is also considered the most technologically advanced medical device connectivity market.

Wi-Fi mesh systems are the best network solutions for large homes. The Wi-Fi mesh systems come with two or three nodes. The first node is connected to the current home Wi-Fi access point. The remaining notes are placed in strategic locations providing the best network connectivity in the home.

While a few IoT devices can directly access the internet, most of them are designed to operate on private networks.

One needs to consider the following factors while choosing the IoT connectivity platform.

  • Hardware required
  • Device management
  • Security
  • Availability of IoT experts
  • Integrations
  • IoT data
  • Market longevity

Find the best IoT connectivity platform with the right balance of all the above factors.