Expert Embedded Software Development

What We Do

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Our expert embedded engineers will help you prepare your embedded product for any application. We will test, validate and debug your embedded hardware prototype.
The expert embedded engineers at efour will build customized testing tools for your embedded product.
We do this to analyze and validate data and diagnose faults in the embedded hardware. We can even build or customize an embedded OS with all the necessary drivers.
Our embedded software development and engineering services are available to optimize your existing embedded system.

Embedded Software Development and Engineering Services

Following are the kind of embedded systems development services you get at efour.

Embedded OS

The expert embedded engineers at efour will build tailor-made embedded operating systems for your business.

Our custom-made embedded operating systems will help the hardware components of your embedded system easily communicate with the software.

We can customize popular embedded operating systems like Android open-source projects, VxWorks, QNX, and Linux according to your requirements.

We have the best team to provide you full range of ports and custom Linux distributions to match your requirements. And if you have no idea what’s best for you, our team will guide you with what you need.

Embedded Apps

Our embedded software development service is available as we design and develop a wide range of embedded apps.

Whether you want to build an OS Kernel or a bootloader, we at efour will make the embedded solution of your choice.

Using our embedded apps, you can test your electronic systems and program them to perform various operations as per your business requirements.

IoT Apps

We build efficient IoT apps that help the IoT sensors track activities, collect the data, and store it in the cloud.

Our expert embedded systems engineers will also build analytical IoT apps for your business.

These IoT apps will help you reap the power of an IoT system to your advantage.

efour is the last stop for all kinds of kernels customization. We have expertise in manking 100% customized kernels for specific scenarios. These kernels can further be matched to your device requirements by simple configurations.

We have develop kernel modules for different peripheries for some of the leading industry giants and we can do it again for you.

Our Embedded Software Solutions

Embedded System Software and Firmware Development

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efour is an embedded software development agency that provides efficient embedded system software and firmware development services. Software development in embedded systems requires a high level of expertise.
Hire our expert embedded systems developers to build bootloaders, OS kernel programs, and bare metal codes. We will ensure that your hardware works according to your requirements.
Our developers possess the expertise of working in a wide range of CPU architectures and hardware like PIC, PowerPC, X86, and ARM.
Embedded System Software and Firmware Development
Board Support Package Development

Board Support Package Development

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The board support package helps your hardware communicate with buildroot operating systems or RTOS in embedded systems. Contact our expert embedded systems engineers to build a board support package.
We build board support packages that help your hardware communicate with Android or embedded Linux operating systems. We also possess expertise in developing drivers for your embedded systems.
Our expert embedded system engineers will also help you connect your hardware with peripheral modules and external devices.

Platform Migration

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Old systems can make your product difficult to maintain and improve. That’s why it sometimes becomes essential to migrate from your legacy system to the latest system.
Our experienced team of embedded systems developers has successfully executed multi-platform migrations. Hire our embedded systems developers to migrate from your old platform to Linux, iOS, or Android.
Platform Migration
Embedded Software Testing Services

Embedded Software Testing Services

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Software development for embedded systems includes extensive testing. Embedded software testing is a rigorous and time-consuming process. Very few companies have the required knowledge and technical skills to conduct embedded systems software testing.
We at efour provide expert-level software testing services for embedded systems. Whether you want manual or automated testing, we provide both.
At efour, we have access to the most advanced testing techniques like Vector Software, Hitex, Parasoft DTP, and Klocwork.

Integrating Embedded Systems Into an Existing Product

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At efour, we hold expertise in embedded software development systems and the development of other mobile and web solutions.
We build a wide range of mobile, web, cloud, and IoT solutions. Our expert embedded systems developers can easily integrate an embedded system into your existing IT landscape.
Integrating Embedded Systems Into an Existing Product
Embedded UI Development

Embedded UI Development

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Our embedded systems developers have the required expertise in building robust and high-performing user interfaces for embedded systems. We have built user interfaces for countless companies from various industries.
We at efour use modern UI technologies like LVGL, uGFX, GuiLite, and Qt. We can also build the UI of your embedded systems using platform-independent frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS. Thus at efour, you will have access to advanced embedded software development tools.

Performance Tuning and Problem Solving

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Our embedded software development engineers will tune your embedded systems for optimal performance. We will address issues like leaking memory, insecurity, and low performance and improve your embedded system.
Our experts will analyze various factors such as hardware design, low-level code, and API integration to find and fix flaws in your embedded system.
Best Performance Tuning and Problem Solving
Embedded Systems Designing and Prototyping Services

Embedded Systems Designing and Prototyping Services

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At efour, we provide an extensive range of embedded system design services. We provide all services right from breadboard prototyping, to PoC and reference board selection.
Our team will be glad to help you throughout your embedded system project development journey. As an expert embedded software development company.
we can help you pick the most appropriate evaluation kit or reference board. We can even create a robust testing infrastructure for your embedded systems project. Avail of our services to create or customize drivers and apps for your embedded systems.

How Can efour Help for Embedded Software Development?

The following are the ways in which efour can help your business to develop embedded system and software as per the business requirements.

Embedded Linux Development

At efour, we have a team with expertise in Linux embedded systems software development.

We can customize the Linux kernels, integrate the peripherals, build device drivers and build custom Linux distros for your business.

Our embedded systems experts work with all popular embedded software development tools like Debian, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Yocto, and Buildroot.

Device Driver and Linux Kernel Development

At efour, our developers hold expertise in embedded system programming for Linux Kernel and device driver development.

Our expert developers can integrate your embedded Linux systems with the peripherals of your custom PCB.

We even develop user-space drivers for GUI-based apps and code power management drivers to optimize power consumption. We will design multimedia hardware and graphics accelerators for your business.

Utilize our hardware development and selection consultation services to reduce your hardware costs.

Android Kernel Expertise

Want to customize your Android kernel? Contact us, as we have extensive experience in Android kernel customization.

We provide kiosk mode design and custom device support for Android.

Our Area of Experties

We have many areas of expertise in the arena of embedded system development. The following is a small glimpse of the specific embedded system areas where we hold expertise. Let’s digg into details to experience our experties.

HMI Development Solutions

HMI Development Human-Machine Interfaces

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Our embedded system engineers combine embedded resources with hardware and smart UI/UX design to deliver multi-platform human-machine interfaces. We provide a wide array of HMI solutions.
Right from basic HMI apps that help the users visualize data better to complex web and cloud-based HMI systems, we deliver everything. We can even deliver multi-platform HMI solutions with networking and multilingual capabilities.
We at efour have expertise in building HMI solutions for a wide range of industries like agriculture, finance, automobiles, etc. Our HMI solutions are based on
  • Android and iOS for mobile
  • GTK, OpenGL, and Qt for desktop
  • HTML5 and WebGL for web solutions
  • VTK for data visualization applications

Media Streaming and WebRTC Solutions

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Our expert embedded system developers will combine mobile, cloud, web, and system levels to implement audio/video service scenarios.
We can capture and stream digital signals from CCTV/IP cameras. We can also build complex media-sharing mechanisms for your business.
At efour, we help businesses build external and internal communication channels under our WebRTC application development service.
Our expert developers have expertise in building highly scalable and responsive live streaming solutions. We will also deliver codecs for effective hardware-software interaction.
We will even build DRM(digital rights management) tools to prevent your digital media content piracy. Thus our expert embedded system engineers excel in embedded system development for media streaming and WebRTC solutions.
Media Streaming and WebRTC Solutions
Embedded System Security Solutions

Embedded System Security Solutions

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Want all-layer security for your embedded systems? Then contact efour. We will equip your embedded system with robust security mechanisms, including protection for cloud gateways, on-device storage, communication between hardware and software, etc.
We have expertise in state-of-the-art security technologies like hardware and firmware validation, cryptography, and tokenization.

Hire Embedded Systems Engineer

When you hire embedded software development engineer from efour, you choose to work with one of the best embedded software development companies in the industry today. Our embedded systems engineers have expertise in various embedded system technologies. We can build embedded solutions according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

An embedded system is a microcontroller or a microprocessor-based system. The system consists of hardware and software systems designed to perform certain functions within a more extensive mechanical or electrical system.

An embedded operating system is an operating system that is specifically designed for embedded systems.

A real-time operating system (RTOS) is the operating system generally found in embedded systems.

A Real-Time Operating System( RTOS) is software in an embedded system. The RTOS rapidly switches between various tasks. RTOS gives the impression that a lot of programs are executed simultaneously.

The following are the main components of an embedded system.

  • Power supply
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Timer counters
  • Circuits
  • Output and input
  • Communication ports

The following are the four major types of embedded systems.

  • Networked embedded systems
  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Mobile embedded systems
  • Stand-alone embedded systems