Custom Cloud Based Video Surveillance System

Why Do You Need Custom Cloud Based Video Surveillance System?

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The obvious purpose of using security cameras at a residential, commercial or industrial space is reduction in crime. A study showed that CCTV cameras result in 16% reduction in crime rate. However, these video and security surveillance systems go much beyond it.

If you have a commercial or industrial space, cloud based video surveillance systems can help you reduce shrinkage, keep your employees productive, resolve workplace disputes, ensure safety, and protect yourself against unnecessary legal proceedings.

Thermal cameras can help you do contactless body temperature monitoring in your premises and night-vision cameras can secure your premises in dark. Plus, these cameras come with machine learning capabilities, which reduce dependence on human resources and enhance the security.

efour prides itself as a partner to various industries making their mark in the video surveillance, video analytics, biometric security, identity management and public safety. Over the years, we have established best-in-class processes and frameworks that enhance each aspect of product development and reduce the time to market.

Our Custom Video Surveillance Solutions

We provide across-the-board solutions for products that are used in various verticals such as smart homes & buildings, smart retail, city surveillance, public transit, airports, law enforcement, government bodies, etc.

Here’s what the portfolio of our custom security surveillance system services looks like:

  • Custom camera design services
  • Image tuning
  • Video recorder (NVR/DVR) design
  • Video management & surveillance solutions
  • PC/web/mobile Application development for configuration, remote monitoring & control
  • CloudOps, DevOps, 24*7 managed services
  • Video streaming device application
  • Advanced Java and MySQL database
  • Cloud infrastructure setup & management
  • AI/ML based advanced video analytics (e.g. face recognition, privacy masking, theft detection, smart parking, camera tampering, social distancing detection, etc.)
  • Multi-tier storage architecture
  • Multimedia codecs and containers development
  • Compliance with PSIA, ONVIF standards
Top Custom Video Surveillance Solutions

Why Choose efour for Custom Security Surveillance System Solutions?

efour has been at the forefront of latest developments in the video surveillance industries. You are bound to reap the rewards of the latest technological advancements and innovation.

Experienced Engineering & Development Team

Having efour as your custom video surveillance partner means having an team with proven industry experience and expertise. We’ve enhanced surveillance capabilities of various industries.

Strong Technical Expertise

Our years of expertise has enabled us to set up world-class infrastructure and processes that enhance product design, decrease costs and deliver faster time to market.

Your All-in-One Video Surveillance Partner

Custom video surveillance involves many fascets including image tuning, product design, cloud integration, video analytics, database architecture, web/mobile app development and many more. efour is your one-stop destination for all your video surveillance related needs.

Hire a Security Surveillance Engineer

The security system and surveillance engineer will develop advanced embedded and wireless cybersecurity products. Our embedded engineers have years of experience developing surveillance cameras for homes, offices, corporations, hospitals, banks, and other locations. Hire a surveillance system engineer at efour to create the perfect security surveillance system for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

To store IP camera data on cloud, first you need to ensure that your security camera has cloud integration capabilities. You will need a cloud compatible security hardware and its credentials, cloud Adapter and its Cloud ID to store IP camera data on cloud.Below are the steps to store IP camera footage on cloud:

1. Set up Cloud Adapter

2. Discover and select IP cameras

3. Complete cloud installation

You can use some video/camera management software such as CameraFTP VSS or Blue Iris to connect to the camera’s video stream and upload the footage to the Cloud.

Here are steps that you can to start your security camera business:

  • Understand the industry and competition
  • Become fully trained in the business
  • Create a business plan and marketing plan
  • Register your company
  • Apply for licensing and secure certifications
  • Obtain insurance, join associations
  • Hire your employees
  • Launch your sales and marketing initiatives
  • Begin operations

Surveillance cameras are used to monitor the area where they are installed. They work as a part of a larger security system and are installed in homes, office, retail stores, or any public places to ensure security and also deter criminal activity. In case of any crime, the recorded footage of surveillance cameras can be used as a piece of evidence.

Box Cameras: Shaped like a box, these are standalone cameras that can be used in outdoor environments or for indoor mountings if aesthetics are not a concern.

Dome Camera: A dome camera encompasses camera, lens, and ceiling in a discreet dome shape. It’s aestetically pleasing and can be used in indoor and outdoor environments.

PTZ Camera: A PTZ camera contains mechanical controls that allow the operator to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera.

Bullet Camera: These cameras have camera, lens, and housing assembled in a bullet-style body. They have small footprint and don’t require separate housing for lens.

IP Camera: As implied in the name, these cameras transmit a digital signal using Internet Protocol over a network.

Day/Night Camera: These cameras are used in indoor and outdoor for environments with low light conditions.

Thermal (FLIR) Camera: Thermal cameras use thermal imaging to caputre surveillance footage in dark or harsh environments.

Wireless IP Camera: Wireless IP CCTV cameras eliminate the use of network cabling as they possess the capability to connect with wireless networks.