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Board Support Package (BSP) development is no easy feat. You need to have years of experience working with different chips, boards and operating system versions. That’s where efour and its Board Support Package (BSP) services come in.

We make sure that the BSPs run with minimal modifications and deliver optimum performance of all the peripherals in embedded systems. The efour Product Engineering team takes all the burden off your shoulders by offering comprehensive BSP development services.

This means you don’t have to go hunting for different vendors and get market-ready products in time.

Talk to our BSP development experts to build amazing products.

board support package development services

Best BSP Development Services

We at efour are a one-stop solution for all your BSP development related needs and we don’t stop there. We also offer other BSP related services such as networking, security, storage, graphics, etc. to maximize the performance and applications of your embedded system’s hardware.

Device Driver Development

Our Product Engineering team specializes in device drivers and offers you extensive services in device driver development. Over the years, we have gained expertise in developing device drivers on a variety of operating systems and hardware technologies.

Boot Loader Development

With efour by your side, you have expertise in boot loader development, porting, and customization on different CPU architectures platforms.

Operating System Porting

We provide you best in class services when it comes to operating system porting. We have helped many companies to port operating systems for different architectures, including Linux, uCos, eCos®, WinCE on several hardware architectures. Our porting solutions give you best performance with a low memory footprint.

Root File System Development

File systems have always played a crucial role in the performance of embedded systems, but even more so today as devices are getting smaller and more powerful processors are being developed.

Whether you’re looking for file system development from scratch or looking to optimize your current file system to improve performance, we at efour have got you covered.

We have expertise in working with popular file systems such as JFFS, JFFS2, ROMFS, CRAMFS, YAFFS, custom FFS, RAMFS, FAT32, TFAT, EXT2, EXT3, etc.

Boot time optimization

We provide boot time optimization services for applications that have such special requirements. To do so, we recompile the bootloader or kernel, or even rebuild the entire root file system.

Testing and optimization

Last but not the least, our services also include BSP testing and optimization services. We provide services such as test automation, test outsourcing, and test process consultancy in various types of testing such as functional testing, regression testing, and performance testing.

We adopt a hybrid testing approach to get the best of manual testing and automated testing. Using these methods, our in-house team of QA Engineers quickly identifies the underlying to resolve them in a quick and effective way.

Apart from the testing services, efour also helps you in optimizing your driver performance on different platforms. This is bound to improve your benchmark performance scores and overall performance of the system.

Why Choose efour as your BSP Development Partner?

Expert BSP Professionals

BSP plays a sensitive role in embedded systems, even the tiniest of mistakes could result in breakdowns, downtimes and even cause hazards to your team members. That’s why you need seasoned hands who have years of experience in BSP development. Trusted by brands across many industry verticals, efour has that in plenty.

Across the Board BSP Development Services

When you work with efour, you’re getting a BSP partner that helps you in every aspect of BSP development. So, you no longer need to run to different vendors and extend your timelines.

Built for All Plaforms

Our expert team has decades of experience in developing BSPs on hardware platforms such as ARM, PowerPC, Intel, NXP, Qualcomm and more for operating systems such as Linux, Window, Android, VxWorks, RTEMS, etc. Our Board Support Packages (BSPs) initialize the processor, communication buses, memory, and peripherals and start up the bootloader. So whether you want Linux BSP, Android BSP or any other, efour is here to save the day.

Hire Our Expert Board Support Package Engineer

Speak to our highly vetted board support package expert today to ensure that the hardware works with the operating system of the computer efficiently. efour helps you to find top BSP developers, experts, and consultants for your embedded product development. Build a fully integrated electrical board with support package from electrical/embedded software engineers with BSP experience

Frequently Asked Questions

In embedded systems, Board support package(BSP) is a layer of software or code that contains hardware specific drivers and routines which allows a real-time operating system to work under a particular hardware system. In other words, it’s a program built for computer hardware to make it compatible with the operating system of a computer.

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a layer of software used to run an operating system to work under a particular hardware system. A Linux based BSP is something that’s been programmed on Linux. To make Linux work on an embedded platform, you need to adapt the Linux kernel to the target CPU.

A system on a chip (SoC) is a single integrated chip (IC) that combines many essential elements of a computer system into a single chip. They always consist of a CPU and could also include system memory, peripheral controllers, graphics processing units (GPUs), specialized neural network circuitry, radio modems, etc.

A Board Support Package (BSP) acts as a standardized interface between hardware and the operating system (OS) or Kernal. Thus, we can say that BSP doesn’t include Kernal. Rather, it works with it as a bridge to the hardware.