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The backend Is the part of the website or app hidden from the users. Backend development includes writing APIs, integrating databases with the application, and creating libraries. efour is a backend development company that has served efficient backends for clients located worldwide. We have delivered backend solutions for both startups as well as enterprise-level companies.

Our Backend Development Services

With efour by your side, you will get the entire range of backend development services. The following is a small glimpse of the backend development services we at efour provide.

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Mobile App backend Development

Mobile App Backend icon

We at efour provide complete mobile app backend development services. We build backend for Android, iOS as well as cross-platform mobile applications. We also build back-end solutions for variables and other smart devices, along with smartphone apps.

Our efficient backend development team will care for your server and business logic. The expert developers at efour will ensure that all your application data is synchronized across multiple devices and platforms.

We build backend solutions that can scale according to your requirements. Our backend solutions can integrate seamlessly with third-party services.

Mobile App backend Development
Website Backend Development

Website Backend Development

Website Backend Development icon

At efour, we provide a wide range of website backend development services. Our expert team of backend developers can build your backend website architecture from scratch. If required, we can also re-engineer your existing backend infrastructure.

Our backend developers will optimize your backend infrastructure without disturbing your front-end infrastructure. We have expertise in working in leading backend technologies like python, JavaScript, PHP, and C++, to name a few.

Web App Backend Development

Web App Backend Development icon

Our expert backend software developers can build backends for web applications of any complexity.

We will write code that can flawlessly transfer database information to the browser. We will ensure that our web applications can be easily integrated with a wide range of third-party apps.

Web App Backend Development
Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Backend API Development and Integration

efour delivers backend solutions that support your cloud infrastructure. We ensure that our cloud backend solutions can handle heavy loads. Our expert backend developers will build easily scalable backend solutions for your business.

With our backend solutions, you won’t face any latency issues. Our developers have a knack for implementing cutting-edge features to improve the efficacy of your cloud solutions.

We will also help you migrate your legacy backend systems to a cloud system.

Backend Audit Services

Backend Audit Services

Our team will perform a backend audit to ensure that your backend systems function satisfactorily.

Our expert backend engineers will identify bottlenecks in your backend architecture. We can even optimize your backend codebase and data schemas.

Backend Audit Services
IoT Backends

IoT Backends

IoT Backends

Want to build robust IoT backend systems? Then efour is your answer. A robust backend solution can help you capture multiple signals from IoT devices and generate data analytics reports. You can then make correct decisions based on these reports.

Our IoT backend systems will help you manage your IoT and optimize your workflow. efour backend engineers will build backend solutions that efficiently handle your entire business operation.

Backend API Development And Integration

Backend API Development and Integration

Our expert backend engineers will build custom APIs for your backend systems. The backend solutions that we create will optimize your current backend system.

The efour backend experts will seamlessly integrate your backend system with other third-party services.

Backend API Development And Integration

Technology Stack That We Use efour for Backend Development

A backend stack consists of 4 main components. These four components are the programming languages, database, frameworks, and web servers. The following are the components of a backend tech stack.

Programming Languages

These are the backend programming languages in which the code for backend solutions is written. Popular backend coding languages that we use for backend development are PHP, Python, and JavaScript.


Frameworks help programmers avoid writing code repetitively. A framework also allows them to follow good coding practices. Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel are popular backend development frameworks that we excel at.

Web Servers

Web backend servers manage client requests. Microsoft Internet information server, Nginx, and Apache are the most common web servers that we use.


Every backend technology stack contains a database management system. Most applications have a SQL or NoSQL database. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB are the most common databases used in the backend.

Why Choose efour for Backend Development Services?

Our expert back-end developers have vast experience in developing efficient back-end systems. We can build a backend system of any complexity for your business. The following are a few reasons why you should choose efour for your backend development needs.

High Security

We provide robust security with our backend solutions. Our expert back-end engineers will deliver your back-end solution with the most reliable security mechanisms.

Top Talent

At efour, we have hired expert backend developers. Our backend developers have years of experience in building complex backend systems. Developers can quickly build the system, whether you want to develop a back-end system for a startup or a corporate company.

Latest Technologies

Our backend developers are well wasted in the latest backend development technologies like Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java, to name a few. We will build a robust back-end architecture for your business using our expertise in these back-end development technologies.

Scalable Solutions

We understand how difficult it is to scale your business immediately. We build expendable backend solutions that can scale quickly according to your business needs. You can scale up or down depending on your specific requirements.

Attention To Detail

Our full-stack backend developers know that every excellent backend solution requires attention to detail. That’s why we emphasize minute things while building your backend systems.

Well-Established Processes

We at efour have well-established backend development processes. From project ideation to support and maintenance, we have a well-defined process for every stage of backend software development.

On-Time Delivery

Irrespective of the complexity of the backend development project, we always deliver every project on time.

Hire Our Backend Engineer

Our expert backend engineers who will handle mobile app backend development and website backend development. The backend software engineers at efour have rich experience in building backend solutions for various industries. We will build customized backend solutions according to your business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

At efour, we encounter some common questions related to backend development. That’s why we have prepared a small list of commonly asked questions.

Services that help a business build a robust backend architecture are known as backend development services. Common types of backend development services include backend app development, backend web development, backend API management, backend custom CRM development, backend migration to the cloud, and backend maintenance and support.

The customer care application of a call center is an excellent example of a backend system. A customer service application examines the caller’s data to record information about the call and saves it to a database. A more sophisticated backend application can send multiple emails to people at designated times.

An e-commerce website is an excellent example of a backend system. When you go to an e-commerce website to search for new shoes, the backend system displays all information about shoes from its database.

The backend in an application refers to the part of the application that a user does not generally access. The backend system runs under the hood and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire application.