Why are efour DevOps Solutions Trending Among Startups?

Fast-paced DevOps development solutions and faster time to market are the most important pillars that decide the success of any startup firm in today’s IT industry.

That’s where DevOps solutions come into the picture. It not only automates the software developer, testing, and IT operations but also reduces the runtime of development lifecycle phases and gets you a headstart on the market for securing the best tools for future scaling.

efour is among the trusted DevOps Software Development company. Be it a startup, or small scale firm, we accelerate your business journey towards automation for delivering innovative operations improving security standards, enhancing continuous delivery, and limiting the risk during deployment.

Our top-notch DevOps developers develop appropriate cultures and philosophies and evaluate the right tools that can be scaled, programmed, and automatically effective depending on the requirements of your startup.

We will help you get an edge on the market early by using the most effective and widely used tools for thriving your startup in a fast-paced environment.

At efour, DevOps is more than a buzzword for us. We are keenly focusing on improving the productivity of our developers and minimizing the time spend on the delivery pipeline, increasing the app velocity and enabling them for incorporating new features into the application.

Define your business objective and gaps in productivity and our specialist will help you boost the speed of production and deliver better quality to your customers.

Best Devops Consulting Solutions
Best DevOps Consulting Services

Our efour DevOps Consulting Services

With our professional DevOps services and consultation, we help startups, medium-scale and large-scale enterprises reach a milestone by delivering premium quality software build in a releasable way. Explore our DevOps services-

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Operational Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Release Management
  • Security Management
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Process Automation
  • Pilot Framework Creation
  • Monitoring and Back up
  • Third-Party Software Complexes Installation
  • 24/7 DevOps Support

DevOps Life Cycle / Process

Through DevOps solutions, we maintain an agile relationship between operation and development. Our DevOps process includes-

Continuous Development

This is the initial stage that involves strategic planning and coding of the software. We understand the culture of your organization and prepare a cross-functional team to understand operation challenges and make the transition into DevOps much smoother.

Continuous Integration

After implementing the strategy of continuous development, our DevOps developers merge the code changes into a shared repository for conducting automatic testing. With CI, we not only build code but also conduct unit testing, integrated testing, reviewing of code, and packaging thereof.

Continuous Testing

Here the developed software is tested continuously to surface bugs and particular aspects of the product that might require improvement and fixing. Some of the automatic testing tools like Selenium, TestNG, or JUnit are used for testing multiple codebases.

Continuous Monitoring

After developing and testing the software, it is carefully recorded and processed by experts to scrutinize problematic or any critical areas, if there. Continuous monitoring may occur in the form of documentation or so to maintain the security level at any cost.

Continuous Feedback

As the name suggests, our DevOps team will constantly improve the software based on continuous feedback. We will remove unnecessary steps or critical features in order to make your software a better version and thoughtfully increase the counting of interested customers.

Continuous Deployment

Finally, after continuous testing, feedback and improvement, the code will be deployed to the production servers. Here some of the popular tools like SaltStack, Chef, Ansible, or others are used for deployment and configuration management. Our main focus is to validate changes and make the software compatible across various platforms.

Continuous Operations

All these operations follow a continuous process and are linked with each other like a never-ending process to minimize the time to market your software. Through these continuous operations, your advanced software will accelerate the productivity of your organization significantly.

Why Does Your Enterprise Need Custom Automotive Software Solutions?

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Having a strong foundation in DevOps project deliveries and a good number of years’ experience in the IT domain, efour works with a team of experts who can provide you with an effective DevOps implementation strategy.

Together, we have created a state-of-the-art architecture for DevOps by enabling automation supporting solutions.

Our company perceives the best practices that could start effective collaboration between the client businesses, assuring the quality check, streamline the delivery process and enrich the overall operational and development process.

How we engage:

  • We begin with assessing the current state of DevOps culture and process and quantify your maturity model. Creating a roadmap and identifying the traceable metrics is the foremost task at DevOps assessment and strategic planning.
  • After that, we create a pilot framework for implementing the standard setup of DevOps. For tool stack construction, our respective team will leverage your existing tools and integrate them for an agile delivery process.
  • With continuous feedback, planning, development, and integration, we build, test, code the metrics and undergo continuous deployment after eliminating the Dev-Ops gap state.

Throughout the journey, we have helped thousands of businesses in improving their software delivery, harnessing the power of DevOps cloud and automation process using DevOps tools and practices.

No matter how complex the project is, we can ensure product quality, reliability, and application performance with state-of-the-art cloud automation and integration services.

Depending upon the complexity of your project, we curate a team of cloud experts who holds an industry deep knowledge and communicate closely with the clients for DevOps and Cloud Automation services.

Through DevOps managed services, we promise to deliver the highest-value services to our customers. Attain your business goals by integrating high-quality software-based products or services at the pace of your business with efour, your all-time DevOps partner.

So, are you looking for a trusted DevOps service provider to make your next business successful? efour has an excellent expert DevOps engineers team who have served clients that need custom solutions for app development.

Top Devops Engineers for Hire

Our experts DevOps developers will deliver faster, more secure application delivery and deployment. Our DevOps Services will help you accelerate your cloud operations by minimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and speeding up the release management process Hire the best DevOps consultants on a flexible, contract basis. Superior project delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps is a complete pack of software development protocols that build valuable relationships between two business clients for governing Development + Operation (DevOps) for enhancing productivity and collaboration at its best.

Benefits of DevOps for business-

  • Reduce the time to market the new services
  • Optimize the cost on Maintainenace and upgrades
  • Maximize the productivity of team and businesses
  • Ensures a faster delivery

For DevOps, automation is the key and it optimizes the cost and time for the full cycle development phase for delivering agile performance.

In Cloud, you are using any on-site network server assets for leveraging the powerful cloud computing tools like Azure, AWS, and GCP.

A continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline in DevOps is a series of steps that are performed for delivering a new or an advanced version of the software. It is implemented for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably.

CI implement small changes, build, package, and test applications. While CD selects the infrastructure environment and automates the delivery of applications.

  • Version Control Tool: GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Build Tool: Maven
  • Configuration Management Tool: Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  • Container Platforms: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Monitoring, Alerting, and Incident Response Tools: Appdynamics, Raygun, Splunk Cloud
  • Testing Tool: Selenium, Gremlin
  • IT Ticketing: Servicenow

Cloud service automation is the process that minimizes the manual intervention or manual efforts used to provision and manage cloud computing workloads and services.