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What We Do

With unrivaled knowledge in cloud design software, our cloud application development firm assists you in creating customized apps at the lowest possible cost.

Our solutions enable you to operate and connect remote IoT devices through web portals and gather and analyze data for later use. Our team of experts optimizes data storage while minimizing the risk of data loss and migrates your hardware and software to the cloud.

Our Cloud Service Offerings

Custom Cloud Applications

We provide end-to-end cloud-based applications development services, including front and back end, database, and more. We design incredibly adaptable, scalable, and dependable programs to gather data and operate numerous sorts of devices by harnessing the power of cloud computing. We use updated technologies like GitLab and follow DevOps standards for cloud development to ensure maximum output.

Cloud Data Management Solutions

Our company understands the necessity of adequately handling large amounts of data. Thus we present you with the most satisfactory solution for your data management issues. Our cloud-based database solutions enable you to quickly and swiftly store and manage data. Our DBMS(s) allows you to analyze data in a couple of seconds.

Cloud Migration And Integration

Our firm provides cloud migration services for all of your business processes, data, and operations. Our specialists examine the existing structure, assess risks, and provide a clear transfer plan, picking the optimal choice for each customer to save time. Our Hybrid clouds provide users with varying degrees of access and private access to crucial data.

IoT Cloud Platform Services

For better connectivity and enhanced workflow, we improve the connection of IoT applications, allowing them to be scaled up with minimum effort and expense as a part of our cloud computing services. We use multiple protocols like HTTPS, MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, etc., to ensure your connection has high-speed and trusted security.

AWS Cloud Development

Our cloud software development firm provides AWS cloud development to help your company’s digital transformation process run smoothly. Our specialists use AWS services in intelligent IoT devices, home apps, and other web hosting and data transfer services. Our solution is designed for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS setups.

Other Cloud Development Platforms

efour offers many other services, including multiple databases, technologies, programming languages, and more. Our cloud application developers create highly reliable, smooth functioning solutions with strong code structures. In addition, we carefully select our tools such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and many more to ensure authenticity and safety.

Cloud Security

The services provided by our company are end-to-end protected and trustworthy. We use a variety of approaches to avoid loopholes and maintain the reliability of your cloud-based apps. We customize our data encryption approaches for every customer to ensure maximum security and data privacy. Companies with sensitive data get maximum security as compared to brick and mortar.

3 Types Of Cloud Computing Services

IaaS Cloud Service

IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) Cloud Service

IaaS Cloud Service

We, as an IaaS, manage your business’s infrastructure, including network, servers, and storage services. Our other services include:

  • Load balancing
  • Tools for Resilience (including backup replication and recovery)
  • Invoicing in detail
  • Tracking
  • Logging access
  • Instruments of security (e.g., data encryption standards, PCI-DSS compliance, etc.)
  • Clustering

PaaS (Platform As A Service) Cloud Service

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Here at efour, we also allow you to rent everything required for cloud application development services. You can borrow the necessary hardware and software for a small fee. The rentable items include:

  • Middleware
  • Producing tools
  • Infrastructure for running databases
  • Computer operating systems
PaaS Cloud Service
SaaS Cloud Service

SaaS (Software As A Service) Cloud Service

SaaS Cloud Service

The term “SaaS” refers to developing cloud-based applications accessible via mobile apps and web browsers. Our customers use such a service to use the app online without installing and configuring it on any device. We also offer:

  • Signing up for products and services may now be done automatically.
  • Offering email tools, auditing features, and so forth.
  • Calendars that are shared by the entire business and may be used to organize events
  • Document management, as well as file sharing and collaboration
  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems — client and prospect data databases — an organization

Why Choose efour for Cloud-Based Applications Development

Incremental Development In Small Sprints

Instead of overworking and grinding 24/7, our business divides the entire process into 2-3 week assignments, then broken down into daily activities. Using this method, we can create a high-quality cloud-based application in 1-2 months. We operate with complete openness, allowing you to follow our progress and give input.

Clear Development Standards

We provide the following services to ease software maintenance and speed up cloud-based applications development:

  • Sufficient Code Documentation
  • Software Architecture That Has Been Standardised And Optimised.
  • A Well-Known Development Strategy.
  • Authentic And Certified Development Practices

Shift-Left Approach To Testing

We include test engineers in defining and prioritizing user requirements, incorporating developers in the software verification process, beginning functional testing at the API level, and increasing the testing process efficiency and overall user satisfaction.

A High Level Of Automation

Our company provides high-quality cloud-based applications development services. For this, we automate every possible part of the process like testing, software integration, delivery, and more. It allows us to save time and concentrate on the most important components of the services.

Domain Knowledge

Domain experience allows our business analysts and software engineers to understand business needs better, build better solutions to meet those objectives, and reduce revisions.

Skilled Developers

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals who provide valuable insights while brainstorming. In addition, we train and upskill our team to constantly specialize in their field of work, from consulting to module formation. It helps us to deliver the most refined final results to you.

Extensive Project Management Experience And Well-Defined Communication Channels

Our project managers work as a bridge between organisations and complex, cross-functional, remote teams, acting as a single point of contact to ensure projects run smoothly and successfully.

Self-Managed Cross-Functional Teams

Our skilled team comprises business analysts, software developers, managers, developers, and cloud engineers. We are well-trained, have a solid communication channel, and work effectively.

Hire IoT-based Cloud App Developer

Our IoT application developers are well versed with the latest technology. Hire IoT app engineers to build an IoT based cloud enterprise applications. Our goal is to help businesses create value for their customers, employees, and the entire world.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of creating Cloud-based software is known as cloud application development. It entails many stages of application development, which together prepare your program to go online and hit the market.

Cloud computing has many benefits, some of which are:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Preventing Losses
  • Time- Saving
  • Automation
  • Others


Web Apps Cloud Apps
Web apps are simple to manage since they use a single code base across several platforms. Cloud applications enable individuals to exchange information by utilizing shared storage, enhancing cooperation.
Web applications are created for any platform as long as they run in a web browser. The cloud allows us to swiftly and conveniently access store information from any location by using an Internet connection.
In comparison to other app kinds, Web applications are less expensive to develop initially. An internet cloud architecture boosts productivity and efficiency by ensuring that data is always available.


Web Apps Cloud Apps
Web applications have a considerably narrower reach in terms of using hardware and device characteristics. Cloud applications enable individuals to exchange information simply and rapidly by utilizing shared storage, enhancing cooperation.
Users will interact with numerous web browsers, and the performance indicators and use patterns required to create a product roadmap will be increasingly difficult to obtain. An internet cloud architecture boosts productivity and efficiency by ensuring that data is always available.
A browser is required to launch a web app. A web app requires the user to perform additional steps.
  • Quick Deployment – High-Speed
  • Auto-updates and integration of software
  • Cost-cutting and efficiency
  • Data Safety

Almost every company needs some of them are:

  • Marketing Organizations
  • Leasing Companies for Shared Office Space
  • Corporations throughout the world
  • Firms that provide data security

Some examples of those applications are:

  • IaaS/PaaS
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Research And Development
  • Multi-cloud and Hybrid