Role of IoT in Healthcare Industry

Role of IoT in Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare is a complex industry with many challenges. For years these challenges remained unsolved due to the cautious approach largely down to the sensitivity of its operations. The pandemic exposed the limitations and expedited the digital transformation.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Digital healthcare solutions facilitate remote health monitoring system using IoT to decipher insights and arrive at actionable conclusions. This smart healthcare solutions allows faster treatment, prevents emergencies, and reduces hospital admissions.

Access to Customer Data: Accessing customer data is vital as patients’ history determines their treatment. Smart healthcare solutions allow data to be stored and transmitted at a much faster rate. This improves the quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Tracking Medical Devices: Hospitals use many medical devices for diagnosis and treatment. Keeping them in optimum condition is of paramount importance. IoT-enabled devices not only help to manage the device inventory but also track their condition. So in the rcent time developing application of iot in healthcare is the need of an hour.

Facing Health Emergencies: The COVID-19 Pandemic showed how fragile our healthcare systems are. Many tragic scenes could’ve been avoided using remote monitoring and communications. IoT based smart medical devices help doctors make informed decisions and deal with emergencies to save lives. And thats where smart healthcare solutions comes and play a major role.“

Patient Analysis: When it comes to provide healthcare digital solutions, we do it by monitoring real-time patient data and coupling it with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), we can identify patterns in patients’ conditions and take proactive care to avoid emergencies.

Our Healthcare IoT Solutions

Complete Product Lifecycle

efour provides end-to-end medical device development service for ingestible sensors, health monitoring devices, and wearables for faster and accurate patient care. We design, engineer, prototype, test, and manufacture to provide you with a one-stop smart device solution by developing application of iot in healthcare for all your manufacturing needs.

Integration with Latest Technology

We help you integrate your current systems and healthcare devices with IoT health monitoring system using latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Big Data, and Augmented Reality. This healthcare digital solutions allows you to provide relaible and secure services.

Custom Web & Mobile App Development

Along with the hardware, with the years of expertise developing medical applications, we provide custom application development for health & fitness tracking (Mobile & Web). These healthcare apps can transfer data to the cloud, perform predictive analysis, and give alerts for remote health care.

Live Surgery Streaming Solutions

We help you develop live video streaming solutions to stream surgery to get an expert opinion in emergencies and train medical students.

Stay a Step Ahead with Latest Medical Technology

We give you an early-mover advantage by integrating the latest technologies with your medical devices.

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AR/VR Solution

We help you build your AR/VR technology based medical apps to provide flexible and interactive medical practice for surgeons and interns.

Big Data icon

Big Data

With Big Data & Data Analytics, our healthcare applications give you predictive analysis to send you warnings to avoid emergencies.

Blockchain Technology icon

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology allows you to manage and secure patients’ medical records and streamline your medical supply chain.

Top Medical Technology

Why efour for IoT in Healthcare?

Compliance with Industry Standards

We ensure the design, testing and developing healthcare application and medical devices follow the latest industry standards and guidelines. This includes FDA, HIPAA, ISO 14971, IEC 62304, GDPR, HITRUST CSF, HITRUST NIST, FHIR, EU-U.S. & Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, and IEC.

All-in-One Solutions

Whether you want to manufacture medical devices, manage medical records or develop healthcare applications, efour is your healthcare digital solutions partner in all.

Expert Engineering Team

Our experienced helthcare app developers plus engineering and medical product development team has worked with various healthcare companies and helped them digitally transform their environment. With efour’s healthcare digital solutions, you can rest assured that your healthcare systems are in the best talent in the industry.

Talor-Made Healthcare IoT Solutions

Whether you’re looking to automate your entire environment or Integrate IoT solutions for a particular process, efour offers customized smart healthcare solutions that match your requirements.

Hire IoT Healthcare App & Software Developer

Our skilled mhealth app developers offer end to end cloud-enabled IoT solutions to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, doctors and the entire healthcare industry with a vendor-neutral, risk-free infrastructure. Our robust IoT healthcare tech solutions will help you keep the system safe, secure, and compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Major benefits of IoT in healthcare include Remote monitoring, medical data accessibility, faster diagnosis & treatment, improved medical research & education, prevention of emergencies, etc.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a collaborative system made of medical devices and applications to connect healthcare IT systems through online computer networks.

IoT enhances health care by collecting data from IoT sensors, allowing secure storage, and enabling data analytics to diagnose faster and reduce health emergencies. IoT-enabled devices perform surgeries that are complex and require higher accuracy.

Whether it’s the diagnosis, remote patient monitoring, medical data storage or accurate treatment, IoT improves every aspect within a hospital.

By using wearables and healthcare devices, IoT devices can help in remote health monitoring of COVID patients. Moreover, hospitals can manage patients’ data using blockchain technology.