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We, at efour, are a one-stop solution for all your device driver development needs for a wide range of embedded devices and applications. We provide expert driver development services on Linux (Yocto, Open Embedded, Embedded Linux) and Android.

Our expert programmers have years of experience and hold deep expertise when it comes to low-level system software, hardware and peripherals. So, whether you’re a budding startup or a multinational company, our expert programmers provide you with cost-effective solutions that are tailor-made for you to perform at the highest level.

We pride ourselves in being partners of many companies working in network appliances, consumer electronics, smartphones, industrial equipment and many more.

Are you searching for driver developers in India, USA with the skills you need for your next project?

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Linux Kernel and Driver Development

Linux Kernel and Driver Development Services

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We provide across the board solutions when it comes to Linux driver development services for modern embedded Linux-based devices and systems.

Whether you’re looking to modify Linux device drivers, customize from scratch or integrate periphery, programmers at efour have got all skills in their bag.

We can help you with…

  • Linux Driver Development, porting Linux, X-Windows, GTK, QT and KDE to ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and x86 based hardware
  • Linux boot-loader for various architecture-based development for Embedded Linux BSP, Yocto Linux BSP, etc.
  • Kernel module development for various peripherals
  • Embedded Linux Driver Development, Embedded Linux BSP, Yocto Linux BSP and APIs
  • BSPs and Device Drivers for other Linux variants (Yocto, Debian, Arago)
  • Peripheral Integration for various types of interfaces
  • Graphics and multi-media hardware accelerator
  • Integrate various peripheral devices to the Linux based GUI system

Android Driver Development Services

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Android has become increasingly popular with the rise of touch-based embedded devices. It offers a robust GUI framework and Touch Framework. efour helps you take full advantage of Android’s capabilities through our custom Android driver development services.

With custom drivers developed by us, your app works seamlessly with Android kernel and is compatible with any hardware profile. Our services include the following:

  • Platform Designs
  • Peripheral integration
  • Integration of existing off-the-shelf components
  • Platform including drivers, boot loader, etc.
  • Custom Device Drivers and Boot Loader
  • Automated testing and validation along with other critical QA services
  • Android OS version update
  • Migration to and from Android OS
  • Custom Android ROM development
  • Hardware development and integration
Android Driver Development

Hire Kernel and Device Driver Engineer

Hire highly skilled and talented Device Driver Development engineers from efour. We provides all kinds of Device Driver Development engineers with proper authentic profile & great Skill. efour provides reliable driver development services. We deliver secure and reliable driver solutions for all types of devices and systems. Our experts can help you delegate low-level driver development tasks for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no one-word answer as the ‘best’ is very subjective. However, Eclipse is one of the most preferred IDEs when it comes to Linux kernel development. It provides a great GUI that comes with support for drag and drop functionality.

A Board Support Package (BSP) acts as a standardized interface between hardware and the operating system (OS) or Kernal. The acronym ‘BSP’ is used for all OSs, not just Linux.

Linux kernel, on the other hand, forms the core of the OS. It loads and serves userspace applications that run on a particular board.

An operating system (OS) is a system that provides an interface between user and computer. It is the first thing that loads when a computer boots up.

The kernel is a system program that acts as the core component of an OS. It converts user commands into machine language.

Any embedded system involves an operating system as its brain and Kernal acts as the heart of the operating system. It converts the commands given by the user into machine language and prompts a response from the OS.

Developing device drivers refers to building programs that allow hardware devices to perform what they’re supposed to do. For example, developing camera drivers allows a phone – which is hardware – to capture images.